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I've worked in the music industry for over 15 years now in various capacities, things are certainly changing for women in music but there is still much to be done. As many of you know I speak pretty often at our industry events and conferences but sadly I'm often the only woman on a panel, very often the only female keynote speaker and further to that quite often one of a small percentage of women in attendance at all at some events. This year I want to do my small part to help change that for women in the music industry.

Following the publication of this article from the wonderful Lara Baker at AIM and a conversation sparked between Scott Cohen (The Orchard) and myself, a few of us have got together and decided to do something about this issue in the hope of helping to achieve diversity at our industry events.

Instead of waiting around for things to change... let's be the change we want to see! 

The idea in a nutshell is to collate a master list of women in our industry who are happy to speak at events, or have never spoken at events and want to start....we also plan to offer some coaching and mentorship as part of this initiative as well as promoting the amazing work, initiatives and events of existing women in music organisations.

We'll use the information you provide to allow conferences, internationally to find female speakers for their events. There is a form you will find below for events to reach out directly with requests. The end goal here is to achieve a 50/50 split of women and men speaking at our industry events that are currently predominately populated by white males.

And on that... wary that it's not just having ovaries that's the issue in achieving diversity we are also running in tandem an ethnic diversity master list collection for the same reasons.

If you want to be part of this movement we need some details from you. Yes, it's pretty in depth, but that's important if we want to achieve diversity across a few different issues here, so please take a moment to fill out the relevant form below and feel free to send this on to other people in the industry you think should take part. A number of our biggest industry organisations have offered to send it to all of their employees! A great start... thank you. More of this please!

We need responses from people in ALL sectors, all backgrounds and all professions including live, tech, venues, recorded, artists, publishing, legal, business, management, distributor, labels, graphic designees, developers, marketing, trade organisations ... - you name it, we want to hear from you! The bigger and more diverse these lists are the quicker we hope to address this issue.

By submitting the forms you agree to be part of this Let's Be The Change initiative and may have your contact details shared with appropriate events and organisations, you'll also receive an occasional newsletter from us with updates and stuff as we're keen to promote all the great work of existing women in music organisations but we won't sell or share your details outside of the intended scope and you won't be spammed.

I sincerely hope over time we wont need this list or initiative any more , when that time comes our job will be done. Until then we can all play our part in making this a reality. I hope you will support us in achieving this.

If you want to reach out directly please use the contact form below to get in touch or email me here, over the coming weeks we will start listing existing women in music groups on this site and in our communications, if you are one of them please get intouch with details - LET'S DO THIS!


twitter: @sammyandrews

Artist manager, Music Industry Advisor, Director Entertainment Intelligence

“We’re committed to creating meaningful, lasting change in both our industry & the world. To create equality, we need to actively engage our circle of influence & promote the work of our leading women. This is a poignant step in the right direction for future generations. We hope initiatives like this won’t be necessary in the future, but right now they’re essential for holding our industry accountable. Thank you Sammy.”

Live Nation Entertainment

"This is an essential resource that responds to the polite excuses I've heard on so many occasions that (a) "there aren't any women that suit this panel' or (b) "I've asked a woman but she turned the opportunity down". Women and any minority groups that succeed in forging a career in music tend to be particularly brilliant and we need to hear their ideas and perspectives. I hope that this resource will inspire them to put themselves forward and that conference bookers use it to strengthen their programme and professional networks. After all, more diversity = better business. It's a fact."

Vanessa Reed
Chief Executive
PRS for Music Foundation

“A fantastic initiative that will encourage diversity on public platforms around the world. Giving already talented individuals the confidence to speak up as well as creating an abundance of role models for kids who are attending events, watching the news, listening to the radio and learning about the industries they love is vital and the MMF are proud to support this."

The MMF - Music Managers Forum

"It's truly encouraging to learn about the increasing number of initiatives aimed at making the music industry a more diverse and leaner environment. It is an honour to be working alongside such inspiring women and men and have the opportunity to make shesaid.so a leading figure in all matters related to female empowerment."

She Said So

"AIM has always actively championed women in music and increased diversity within the music business. The more we work together as an industry to address imbalances and be inclusive and representative (at every level), the stronger our industry will be. We are excited to be part of this initiative, as well as continuing to offer our annual women in music event, public speaking training for women and partnering on the Music Week Women in Music Awards. Through work like this, we can and WILL achieve a balanced music industry."

Association Of Independent Music

“When we started FastForward, we were determined to ensure equal gender representation across the whole event, in the panels, the keynotes and even in the audience! In the end we achieved one more female speaker than male, split 19/18 over the two day event – but the 19 were much, much harder to identify and recruit than the 18. I think this initiative can play a crucial role in guiding conference organisers to excellent female speakers – whilst also encouraging talented young women to put themselves forward for new opportunities.”

Chris Carey

"There’s no music business topic where it’s impossible to find a diverse mix of people to join the debate on stage, and doing so will almost certainly deliver the wider range of ideas and insights an ever-evolving industry needs - or at least that’s what we’ve always found.

Achieving that diversity might involve casting a wider net, having a few more conversations before you start booking your speakers, and asking for specific people from the companies you want to feature. Every event has a deadline and it always arrives sooner than you would like, meaning there isn’t always time for that extra work.

That’s not a great excuse, but it can sometimes be the reason behind that panel of old white men. Which is why this project is as brilliant as it is simple - it will make identifying speakers much easier. I look forward to tapping it for information for my events, and will add to it my previously secret list of brilliant women in music who should be on your panel."

Chris Cooke
CMU Insights

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